Melissa will be attending the Toronto Film Festival for Whiplash.  

Billy Boy update #21, 4th September

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Melissa has been cast in a indie feature film: “Band of Robbers”

"It’s a modern day story based on Adventures of Huckleberry Finn and Adventures of Tom Sawyer by Mark Twain."

Huck Finn is all grown up and has spent the bulk of his life behind bars thanks to the wild schemes of his lifelong friend, Tom Sawyer, who never gets caught. All the while Huck takes the rap. Fresh out of prison, Huck is once again swept up in one of Tom’s adventures - this time, tracking down a lost treasure that is being simultaneously sought by psychotic killer, Injun Joe - who doesn’t appreciate them horning on his action.

The Brothers Nee, Aaron and Adam, will direct Band of Robbers from a screenplay that they wrote themselves.

The project will shoot in Orlando, Florida beginning July 7, 2014. (my note: we know that Melissa has been booked to shoot Billy Boy and Longest Ride in these days, so probably the project has changed the date)


  • Becky Thatcher: 20s, this attractive, somewhat gullible young woman is a rookie cop who is assigned to Tom as his new police partner. Anxious to make good, she swallows Tom’s increasingly frantic lies - only to later realize that Tom has been mastermind of robbery all long. Later, however, when she an Tom are pinned down in a motel by Injun Joe and his gang, she rescued from almost certain death by Tom - who wins her heart despite all. (Lead Role)
  • Injun Joe: Caucasian, seen as young man and then some 20 years later, he’s scarred, terrifying figure who looks exactly like what he is - a psychotic killer with no regard for human life. When Tom has his gang interfere with his efforts to track down a fabulous trasure, Injun Joe tuns predictably deadly - not a stretch for him. He’s had a lot of practice. (Lead Role)

(my note pt2: Melissa could be Becky Thatcher but who knows…)

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