Melissa Benoist as Nicole in “Whiplash”

Melissa Benoist in “Whiplash” trailer (x)

“Okay, so real quick before we start this umm…, this is the last time I dedicate a song to anybody I promise. But uhh, I wanted to dedicate this song to Melissa, and I’m lookin’ at her right now. And I just want you to know that you’ve helped me out. I know that I’m a handful sometimes. But I want you to know that I appreciate you being there by my side through the good times, and the weird times, and the awesome times, and the not so awesome times, cause I love you and this is for you.” — Blake dedication speech to Melissa (via octaviaclark)

RECAP of Billy Boy’s cast & crew



  • Blake Jenner - Billy Forsetti
  • Melissa Benoist - Jennifer 
  • Brenda Bakke - Billy’s mother
  • Brad Hunt - Billy’s stepdad 
  • Grant Harvey - one of the Billy’s gang, probably
  • Derek Mio - (x)
  • Juan Alfonso - (x)
  • Kortnee Simmons (rumored)
  • Nick Eversman (rumored)


  • Robert J. Ulrich
  • J. Cooper Ulrich - producer
  • Duane Mieliwocki - camera operator
  • Brad Buecker - camera operator
  • Brigitta Romanov - costume designer
  • Andrea Medina - costume designer/assistant (rumored)

"A day with Sidney and Jessica" - Love at First Site Movie